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I continue to realize the impact and knowledge of my session with Johana weeks later. She was instrumental at providing insight and closure on an extremely personal, spiritual level. It was a truly profound experience. Johana is a beautiful soul with an extraordinary gift.

— Ellen Snelling

Johana is an amazing spiritual intuitive, whose healing talent created identifiable shifts in my energy and outlook. Each session un-layers more blocks and releases!

— Pamela M.

Being introduced to Johana and her special gift has been a life changing experience for not only me but for several of my friends.  I have personally witnessed immediate changes for the better in two of my friends experiencing life or health challenges. The others have called to thank me for sharing her contact information and to say that she had made a significant positive impact on their lives. She has a special gift and the generosity to share it with others.

— Pat

Johana is exactly what I didn't know I needed.

— Margie H.

Johana has had a profound effect on my life. Through several sessions she has been able to lift the unneeded emotional baggage I had been carrying around like my anxiety, my connections to bad experiences, negative feelings toward myself and within other relationships.  Now I feel more connectied to my true self.  It's like my mind has been rebooted. I feel liberated and more like myself than I have in years. I didn't even know that emotions could be healed.  Johana's gifts are many and varied which makes every session exciting. During one of my sessions she gathered the love from all my friends and family and brought it together into the room for me to experience.  It was one of the most beautiful, meaningful things I have ever had happen.  Johana always knows what I need, even when I don't.  She is uniquely connected to the universe and she emminates it's love.

— Chicago, IL

Johana reminds your body and soul how to feel and absorb unconditional love. A session with her can be life changing.

— Jenniffer Weigal

Johana is an agent of loving kindness who facilitates healing and reconnection to the beauty of life and assists in ushering in an new period of growth leading to a person's true purpose.

— Conci

 I wanted to express my gratitude to you, today. When you welcomed me, I could sense your simple, careful and pure intention to provide assistance. That met my need for connecting with people who place service and compassion at the center of their being, and in turn, makes me feel hopeful and accompanied. I would also like to thank you for what you then proceeded on doing, which I don't know precisely how to name. The best I came up with is "Compassionate giving", or maybe "Soul chimney sweeping". It helped me reconnect with some feelings which I wasn't in touch with anymore, and understanding where they come from. This, in turn, makes me feel lighter and more at peace. "Don't Carry the world upon your shoulders". It feels like you crafted a new pair of glasses for me, through which I can love the world and that you freed me of some clutter that held me stuck in place a bit.

— Francois

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